Energy Sheet Piles

an innovative energy source

The Netherlands is facing a significant challenge in the entire energy transition. In order to harness thermal energy from surface and groundwater and collaboration with our partner FET, we have developed a new sheet pile wall in the Netherlands called the Energy Sheet Pile

(Opportunities for West) – Subsidy on behalf of the European Union

energy sheet piles eu subsidie

Gooimeer, Crux Engineering and the TU Delft are receiving funding from the ‘Kansen voor West’ program on behalf of the European Union to further develop the energy sheet piles.


In partnership with Gooimeer and the TU Delft, CRUX Engineering is initiating five pilot projects under the name ‘Snelle Product Ontwikkeling Energie Damwand,’ roughly translating to Rapid Product Development Energy Sheet Pile. This pilot project is co-financed through the ‘Kansen voor West’ subsidy from the European Union, which has been awarded to the three aforementioned parties, with Gooimeer acting as the lead applicant.

Objective: in this project, the consortium aims to carry out five pilots for the valuation of the Energy Sheet Pile. The specific implementation at each pilot location varies, but, through extensive measurements, will lead to an accelerated development of the Energy Sheet Pile. By installing the Energy sheet pile and a ‘demo shed’ containing a heat pump at various locations in the Western region, we can test the optimal configuration for long-term heat extraction and storage under different conditions.

Kansen voor West subsidie Energiedamwanden

The five pilot locations are:

  1. Nobelhorst Almere: application of a new sheet pile wall near houses with significant heating and cooling demand
  2. Compagnieshaven Enkhuizen: performance of a large-scale application of a fully activated but relatively short sheet pile wall (cooling, heating and high hot water demand)
  3. Haven Scheveningen: application of the Energy Sheet Pile alongside an existing sheet pile wall in a saltwater environment with tides
  4. The Green Village, Delft: application of a long Energy Sheet Pile with optimization of the storage function
  5. Buurenplein Maarssen, application on an existing sheet pile wall for two or three houses

The intended setup for the various pilots includes:

  • Multi-year measurements
  • Testing various activation lengths (quantity) and heights
  • Measuring the influence on water temperature
  • Validating mathematical models with measurements and optimizing them
  • Measuring potential environmental effects
  • Assessing the impact of tides on system efficiency
  • Comparing the effects of saltwater and freshwater on the system
  • Testing heat storage in the ground
  • Testing Modular Energy sheet piles

Based on all the measurements, we hope to optimize our mathematical models so that the system can be designed even more efficiently, ultimately resulting in significant cost savings. These trials will run until mid-2025.

Energy sheet piles as an energy source

By attaching collectors to our steel sheet pile walls, the sheet pile walls serve a dual purpose: they act as soil and water barriers and generate unlimited free energy throughout the year!

Closed System
Our Energy Sheet Piles form a completely closed system, meaning no fluids are injected into or extracted from the ground. Furthermore, the system makes a positive contribution to water quality by cooling surface water.

Energy Sheet Piles can achieve efficiencies of 500% (COP of 5.0), contribute to reduced CO₂ emissions, and the steel used is 100% recyclable. Additionally, our system has lower installation costs than other geothermal installations, has a relatively short installation period, and causes significantly less disruption to the environment during installation compared to other systems.

In summary, if you want to contribute to the energy transition, reduce CO₂ emissions, heat without gas, and benefit from free energy, then our Energy Sheet Piles are the perfect solution for you!

How Energy Sheet Piles work

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Benefits of Energy Sheet Piles

A new energy source

The Netherlands has committed to the Paris Climate Agreement and aims for a fully sustainable energy supply by 2050. One energy source already in use is soil. For example, geothermal installations can already extract energy from the ground to heat buildings.

However, relatively untapped is the thermal energy from surface and groundwater. Since steel sheet pile walls are already widely used in the Netherlands for soil and water retention structures, such as quays, dikes or construction pits, Energy Sheet Piles offer an excellent solution to contribute to climate goals.

Energy Sheet Pile walls are easy to implement in new projects and can also be applied in existing sheet pile wall constructions. This gives your steel sheet pile walls a dual purpose: they act as soil and water barriers, all while generating energy for surrounding buildings!

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