Unlimited free thermal energy using Energy Sheet Piles

Unlimited free thermal energy-flyer

Unlimited free thermal energy

The intensive search for new sustainable energy sources is an enormous challenge for the Netherlands. After all, the entire transition to a completely sustainable energy supply must be realized by 2050!


The subsurface is already a large and readily available energy source. Ground source energy systems have already been used for many years to extract energy from the subsurface to heat buildings. However, another renewable energy source that remains virtually untapped is that of surface and ground water. One way to tap into these sources of durable energy is through activated steel sheet pile walls.


With Future Energy Technologies’ (F.E.T.) patented Energy Sheet Pile, this infinitely available energy source of surface and ground water can be optimally utilized, and it is available 24/7 throughout the year.


In the Netherlands, steel sheet pile walls are used on a large scale for soil and/or water retaining structures, building pits and dike strengthening. Moreover, in the coming years, many more sheet pile walls will be installed for new construction projects and the large scale renovation projects of the canals and quay walls in the city centers. In Amsterdam alone approximately 200 km of quay wall is in dire need of renovation. By outfitting these steel sheet pile as Energy Sheet piles these structures can attain an additional secondary function as an infinite source of energy.

Energy Sheet Piles allows homes and buildings to be easily heated and cooled using this renewable energy source. The steel sheet pile walls are fitted with collectors and then installed in the ground without interfering with the method of installation. A heat transfer fluid flows through the collectors to extract the sustainable energy from the surface water and subsurface. By means of heat pumps, buildings can then be heated and cooled throughout the year. This free energy source is infinitely available and is literally at your doorstep, and when the electrical energy needed for the heat pump is supplied by sustainable sources (i.e. solar panels or wind energy), the entire system becomes energy- and carbon-neutral.

Do you want to make a vital contribution to the energy transition, reduce CO2 emissions, have fossil free heating, cooling and benefit from free energy? Then our Energy Sheet Pile is the solution for you!

The benefits at a glance:

  • Environmentally friendly source, significant contribution to CO2 reduction
  • Low installation costs
  • Can be easily integrated in regular work flow of construction
  • Closed system: no liquids into or extracted from the soil
  • Silent
  • Energy source available 24/7 year round
  • Very high efficiencies (COP between 5-6)
  • Suitable as a heat and cooling source
  • Steel components 100% recyclable
  • Unlimited free thermal energy

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Unlimited free thermal energy using Energy Sheet Piles

Unlimited free thermal energy-flyer

On this page, you will find an informative flyer about our Energy Sheet Walls, which can generate unlimited free energy. Learn about the system’s operation and the numerous advantages of the Energy Sheet Wall

energie opwekken met stalen damwanden

No fear of the cold thanks to energy from sheet piles

By equipping steel sheet piles with collectors, harbor quays, canal banks, construction pits, dikes and a host of other water barriers can be provided with heat and cold without the need for geothermal drilling. A country built on and around water, the Netherlands has proven to be the perfect place for this innovative way of heating and cooling. 

Steel Sheet Pile as an Infinite Energy Source

Steel sheet piles as a sustainable energy source

The Steel Sheet Pile as an Infinite Energy Source. The Energy Sheet Pile is a newly patented system in which the steel sheet pile construction, in addition to its role as a ground and water barrier, serves as a heat exchanger for extracting thermal energy from surface water (aquathermy) and the shallow subsurface.

the sheet pile as a heat exchanger

For Energy Sheet Piles, kilowatts take precedence over kilograms

The numerous innovation awards that Energy Sheet Piles have received in their short existence, has enabled an intensive monitoring program. This demonstrated that the steel sheet pile heat exchanger is an efficient source for powering a heat pump, offering a promising prospect in countries surrounded by water, like the Netherlands.

free energy from energy sheet piles

The energy of the future lies by the water’s edge

The energy of the future? It’s right in front of your door! Or, more accurately, by the many watersides that our low-lying country is blessed with. You can source around 40% of our energy needs from surface water. How? By equipping the sheet piles along the water with a pipe system.

energy sheet piles

Developments in Almere Nobelhorst

Developments in Almere Nobelhorst. At Hoge Vaart, the ‘De Werf’ project is ongoing. This project includes the development of a residential tower, a harbor basin, and a restaurant pavilion.
Sheet piles are being installed. These are regular walls that we’ve equipped with technology to collect energy from ground and surface water. The sustainable energy that this system generates for the buildings in Nobelhorst is available year-round, every day, for heating and cooling.