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Gooimeer: Steel Sheet Piles and Energy Sheet Piles

Gooimeer B.V. has been a renowned name in steel sheet piles since 1976. The company was founded from a small office in the small Dutch city of Naarden, where sheet piles were sold and rented. After years of steady growth, a site in Almere was purchased in 1996, where a new office was built next to a large storage area. Over the years, Gooimeer has systematically expanded, continually investing in innovation, expanding its product range and maintaining strict environmental, safety and quality policies. The company’s success is anchored in the values of a family business: service based on reliability, commitment and flexibility. Good service is personalized service.

ISO9001:2015 gecertificeerd

It is only natural for us to provide you with adequate information, deliver promptly and work in accordance with the ISO 9001-2015 standard.

Since 2018, Gooimeer has been active with Energy Sheet Piles in partnership with our German partner FET, formerly known as SPS Energy. FET holds the patents for Energy Sheet Piles and attachment elements, and Gooimeer is their licensee for the Benelux.

Energy Sheet Piles are steel sheet piles that, in addition to their usual function of soil and water rentation, also serve as suppliers of sustainably energy. These steel sheet piles are equipped with the right collectors by Gooimeer at their location in Almere, before being installed in the ground to function as an infinite source of sustainable energy. Thus, Gooimeer is much more than just a supplier of steel sheet piles.


Our relationships with customers are, without exception, long-term relationships. Why are our customers always satisfied? Because Gooimeer provides reliability, service, innovation, commitment and flexibility!

Are you developing the specifications for a construction project and looking for the best solution for soil and/or water retention? Are you planning a construction project and in need of energy sheet piles to heat and/or cool the building? Gooimeer supplies you with the steel sheet piles and energy sheet piles, steel pipe piles or steel plates that will make your project a success!

In short, Gooimeer is a company that has more than earned its reputation in the construction industry over the years. We have a reputation that you can count on.

“In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.” – Albert Einstein

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